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Begins collaborating with composer and musician Sergei Kuriokhin, leader of the Pop Mechanics orchestra. Participates in Pop Mechanics first "medical" concert, at the Dostoevsky Apartment Museum, and the first performance of the utiugon (which Novikov invented himself) at Club-81.

Concerto No. 1 for Utiugon. Ivan Sotnikov and Timur Novikov. Club-81. Leningrad, 1982. Photo by E. Kozlov.

Medical concert. Participants: Sergei Kuryukhin, V. Bulychevsky, Seva Gakkel, Timur Novikov, Georgy Guryanov.
Fyodor Dostoevsky memorial apartment. Leningrad, 1982. T. Novikov's archive.

Participates in two TEII shows: the spring exhibition, at the Youth Palace, and Aspects of the Portrait, at the Kirov Palace of Culture.

Exhibition Aspects of the Portrait. Kirov House of Culture. Leningrad, 1982. T. Novikov's archive.



Works with Erik Goroshevsky's New Theater on productions of The Ballet of the Three Inseparables (based on a text by Daniil Kharms, with music by Verichev and Alakhov), Anna Karenina, The Idiot, Crime and Punishment, and The Biathlete.

Timur Novikov and Sergei Bugaev in Anna Karenina performance. The New Theater. 1985.
Among the audience: I. Movsesyan, V. Allkhov, V. Gutsevich. G. Guryanov’s archive.
Рубеж 1985—1986

Participates in the show Happy New Year, at the Leningrad Rock Club.


Writes his first critical essays under the pen name Igor Potapov: "New Tendencies in the Contemporary Painting of the News," "The Process of Perestroika in the Works of the News," "The New Theater." Works at the Rock Club as a concert stage designer for the band Kino. Founds the New Academy of All Sorts of Arts.

Concert of Kino rock-band. Scenic design by Timur Novikov. Nevsky House of Culture. Leningrad, 1986. T. Novikov's archive.