The Committee of Timur Novikov

The Committee of Timur Novikov
In recent years, contemporary art market noticed an increase in the number of works signed by the name of Timur Novikov, authenticity and origin of which are dubious.
Consequently, a public organization was formed: The Committee of Timur Novikov. The main objective of the creation of the Committee and its function is to preserve Timur Novikov’s artistic heritage as a cohesive artistic phenomenon.
The committee consists of art historians, colleagues, artists and members of the family – heirs, so the people who due to various circumstances are interested in achieving the specified objective and competent in addressing the problems of authentication of Timur Novikov’s works. The Committee provides its services without any compensation.     
The main goal of the Committee is to carry out a research in order to authenticate works by the artist. The works reviewed by the Committee can be divided into 3 categories: authentic works, the ones which require additional information to prove that they are authentic and unauthentic works.
The work group which is made of 7 members make decisions about the authenticity of works by a qualified (5/7 or 4/6 in case of incomplete quorum) majority. The result of the vote is the official opinion of the Committee of Timur Novikov on the status of a given piece. Based on this decision, a letter is issued with the official Committee letterhead signed by K.G.Novikova, the owner of exclusive authorship rights to the artistic heritage of T.P.Novikov.
All the information collected during the research is published by the Committee as additional volumes to the 2003 catalogue of Timur Novikov, maintaining continuous numbering of works. All collected materials will also be included in the publication of complete catalogue raisonnй which will include an illustrated list of all works by the artists.


The Committee of Timur Novikov:
Doctor of philosophy, PhD in history of art Ekaterina Andreeva
suspended due to loss of trust Sergei Bugayev
Artist Oleg Kotelnikov
right owner 2003 - 2016 Ksenya Novikova, ☦︎ 29 June 2016
Art historian, right owner since 2017 Maria Novikova-Savelyeva
Artist Aidan Salakhova
Artist Sergei Shutov