Timur Novikov. Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, 2003


T. Novikov Autobiograph read(PDF)
T. Novikov Perestroika in the Works of the "Novye Khudozhniki" read(PDF)
T. Novikov Collage in the New Art
T. Novikov Sign Perspective read(PDF)
T. Novikov Manifesto
T. Novikov Several Thoughts on That Strange Neoacademistn read(PDF)
T. Novikov New Russian Classicism read(PDF)
T. Novikov Resistance and Renaissance: Classical Traditions of Art and the History of Photography read(PDF)
T. Novikov My Repentance of Malevich read(PDF)
T. Novikov Two Histories of Contemporary Art read(PDF)
A. Borovsky In Memory of Timur Novikov
E. Andreyeva Timur Novikov Painting and Graphic Art (Late 1970s to early 1980s)
L. Grachos Russian Resurgence: Recent Works by Timur Novikov
J. Harten Timur Novikov Exhibition in Kunsthalle
A. Solomon Timur Novikov Exhibition in 1-20 Gallery in New York
E. Lucie-Smith Movements in Art Since 1945
A. Rammant-Peeters Timur Novikov Revives the Artscene of Western Europe
B. Sterling What's Really Going On in Russia
M.-L von Plessen Timur Novikov: Vision of Art
A. Khlobystin A Blind Artist: Strategy and Tactics of Timur Novikov
A. Medvedev The Artist as Publisher
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1978-1992 Letopis and Novye Khudozhniki Period
1990-2002 Neoacademism Period
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