Works to be attributed

Untitled. 1991
Acrylic on textile, 234x144
Archive №122
Provenance: gift to Alexander Donskih fon Romanov, Berlin, June 1991,
text "Timur at the steppes of Reichstag" by A. Donskih was presented April 4, 2011,
First show "25 years of Rock Club", CEH "Manege", St. Petersburg, 2006,
purchased by Diehl gallery with participation of Oleg Nazarov in 2007,
shown at Glasnost/Perestroika, Diehl + Gallery One, Moscow, June - August 2008,
Glasnost: Soviet non-official art of late 1980s, Haunch of Venison, London, April - June 2010,
Auction Vladey, Moscow, November 13, 2018