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Participates in a show of Leningrad painters at the ESSR State Art Museum (Kadriorg Palace, Tallinn); in performances of the New Theater in Moscow; and in Art Days, in Riga. Co-founds the Club of the Friends of Mayakovsky. The New Artists participate in the May 25lh City Day celebrations at the Peter-and-Paul Fortress.

The New Artists participate in the May 25th City Day celebrations at the Peter-and-Paul Fortress. 1986.
T. Novikov's archive.


A New Artists show at the Leningrad Youth Palace replaces a censored and banned TEII exhibition. The New Artists participate in the 17th Youth Exhibition at House of the Artist in Moscow. The New Artists receive gifts from Andy Warhol. This is his acknowledgement of the works they sent him via American rock singer Joanna Stingray.

Timur Novikov, Johanna Stingray, Georgy Guryanov, Sergei Bugaev (Afrika) at ASSA Gallery. 1986.
T. Novikov's archive.

Andy Warhol with Timur Novikov's City. New York, 1985

Works as an artist and actor on Sergei Soloviev's perestroika-era cult film ASSA. Novikov, Mikhail Gaukhman-Sverdlov, and Sergei Shutov would receive the first Nika cinema prize for their production design work on the film.

On the set of the film ASSA. Sergei Shutov, Sergei Soloviev, Pavel Lebeshev, Sergei Bugaev, Timur Novikov. Yalta, 1987

The New Artists have their first exhibition abroad: No Halo, at the Gdansk Palace of Arts.


1988 The first representative exhibition of the New Artists opens at the Sverdlov Machine Tool Factory.
John Cage comes to Leningrad. Novikov meets him after Cage's appearance at a festival in the Leningrad Philharmonic's Great Hall.

Performance of Water Symphony in Sergei Bugaev's studio.
Sergei Bugaev (Afrika), John Cage, Timur Novikov, Sergei Kuriokhin. Leningrad, 1988. Photo by A. Siagin.

Pop Mechanics performs in Berlin and Stockholm, and the New Artists exhibit at the Raab Gallery and the Kulturhuset. The Free University opens at the Central Lecture Hall on Liteiny Prospect. Novikov heads the university's painting program.

De Nya Fran Leningrad Exhibition. Kulturhuset. Stockholm. 1988. T. Novikov's archive