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With Andrei Khlobystin, Novikov publishes the newspaper Khudozhestvennaia volia (The Artist's Will). Led by Novikov and Khlobystin, the Artist's Will movement holds the action Bonfire of the Vanities in the Fort of Kronstadt. The action is dedicated to the 500lh anniversary of the execution of Girolamo Savonarola. A retrospective of Novikov's works opens at the Marble Palace.

Artistic action in commemoration of Girolamo Savonarola. Novikov burns up his "Pink Evening". 1998

The Russian Museum publishes his book New Russian Classicism and his biography in conjunction with this event.


Co-authors and publishes the books The Rape of Europe and The Rape of Reason with Alexander Medvedev.  Organizes the "New Serious" movement with Egelsky, Ostrov, Gurjanov, Andrei Medvedev, and Stanislav Makarov. The movement opens its show New Positive Processes at the Mikhailovsky Castle.  Novikov and Igor Bezrukov shoot the film The Red Square, or The Golden Section (aka Another "D" II).

Timur Novikov and Vladislav Mamyshev on the set of Igor Bezrukov's The Red Square, or the Golden Section.
Mikhailovsky Castle, 1999. Photo by A. Mushtavinsky.

Novikov has retrospectives at the Tver Oblast Picture Gallery and the Pozhalostin State Oblast Art Museum (Ryazan). Publishes Horizons, a book of lectures dealing with his recomposition method, and Interkontakty, a history of the relations between late twentieth-century Leningrad/Petersburg and international artists. The latter book is published in connection with the show  Alternative Museum, at the Marble Palace.

Timur Novikov at the Alternative Museum show. Marble Palace, Saint-Petersburg, 2000

Curates an exhibition of caricatures,  A Hundred Years of the War  in  Art, at the Russian Political History Museum (Petersburg).
Helps organize the New Academy show Successors of Sparta, at the Sinebrychoff Art Museum (Helsinki).


Horizons is presented at the Republic of Karelia Museum of Fine Arts. Novikov has a retrospective at the Tula Art Museum. Gives a lecture entitled "Two Histories of Contemporary Art" at the Punin Readings (St Petersburg State University). Novikov's works are shown at the exhibition Between Earth and Heaven: New Classical Movements in the Art of Today, at the Museum of Modern Art, Ostend (Belgium). One of the show's curators, Edward Lucie-Smith, includes works by Novikov and the New Academy in his monograph Movements in Art since i945 (Thames & Hudson, 2001).


Lectures at the Pro Arte Institute.
Participates in the opening of the Museum of Contemporary Art, at Pushkinskaya, 10.

Opening of the Museum of Contemporary Art at 10 Pushkinskaya. E. Orlov, S. Bugaev (Afrika), T. Novikov, A. Khlobystin with his son Jean-Leonard. 2002. A. Khlobystin’s archive.

Horizons opens at the Kaliningrad State Picture Gallery.
The New Academy participates in Die griechische Klassik - Idee oder Wirklichkeit, at the Martin-Gropius-Bau (Berlin).
Novikov dies on May 23. On May 26, after a funeral service at the Church of the Image of the Savior Not Made by Hand, on Koniushennaia Square, Novikov is buried at the Smolensk Orthodox Cemetery. In June, a show of Novikov's works from the collection of the Russian Museum opens at the Marble Palace.


2003 The New Academy, Oleg Kotelnikov, and D-137 Gallery publish a collection of Novikov's lectures.
With financial support from Sistema Telekom, the New Academy and Aidan Gallery publish a complete bilingual catalogue of Novikov's works.


In January, the tenth anniversary of the New Academy's exhibition program is marked by shows at the Museum of Nonconformist Art, Navicula Artis Gallery, and the Petersburg Archive and Library of Independent Art (Pushkinskaya, 10). A special issue of The Artist's Will is published for the occasion.


Novikov's works from the Russian Museum collection are exhibited at the show RUSSIA!, at the Guggenheim Museums (New York, Bilbao).


Novikov's White Nights is featured on the cover of a Sotheby's auction catalogue. The Amfora publishing house releases Timur: "Lie Only about the Truth!" (Ekaterina Andreeva, editor), a biography in the form of interviews with Novikov's friends and associates.

2008 Museum (Moscow) holds an exhibition of Novikov's works in celebration of its anniversary. 

Timur’s territory exhibition. Hermitage. St Petersburg. 2008. Photo by A. Mushtavinsky.
This is an abridged version of the timeline that appears in Timur: "Lie Only about the Truth!" (Ekaterina Andreeva, editor).
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