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Novikov and Afrika exhibit at the Tate Gallery in Liverpool. Novikov has a solo show at the Turku Historical and Art Museum. Novikov travels to Vienna, Cologne, London, and Helsinki. Creates Pirate Television (PTV) with Yuris Lesnik, Vladislav Mamyshev, and Georgy Gurjanov. Novikov acts in the PTV film Another "D".

Timur Novikov and Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe in “The Two Again” film. 1989

The Academy of All Sorts of Arts is renamed the New Academy of Fine Arts.


Lives and works in New York.
Participates in The Territory of Art (twentieth-century avant-garde classics) and Atelier (young Leningrad and French artists) shows at the Russian Museum. Exhibition curator Pontus Hulten invites Novikov to study at the Institut des Hautes Etudes en Arts Plastiques (Paris) and acquires one of his works for his collection.
The textile panel Dirigible and the White House is shown at the exhibition In the USSR and Beyond, at the Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), which acquires the work.

Timur Novikov at the exhibition. Stedelijk Museum. Amsterdam.
Photo by Martijn van Nieuwenhuyzen. 1993. T. Novikov's archive.

Novikov and Avdotia (Dunya) Smirnova curate the first neoacademist show and conference, Youth and Beauty in Art, at House of the Scientists, on the Palace Embankment. Dance Floor (Tantspol) opens in the squat at Fontanka, 145.


Novikov has solo shows at Phyllis Kind Gallery (New York), Raab Gallery (Berlin), and the Museum Moderner Kunst (Lichtenstein Palace, Vienna). The Neoacademism show - featuring Novikov, Bugaev, Gurjanov, Konstantin Goncharov, and Denis Egclsky - opens at the Lenin Museum. At the request of Ekaterina Andreeva, Novikov writes the manifesto "Some Thoughts on That Strange Phenomenon Known as Neoacademism." Solo show at the Gagarin Party (Cosmos Pavilion, Exhibition of National Economic Achievements, Moscow).

Timur Novikov and Jamie Gambrell, translator and correspondent for ARTnews, at the Gagarin Party. Moscow, 1991

Novikov and Bugaev donate their collection of works by the New Artists to the newly reopened contemporary art department of the Russian Museum.


1992 Along with Kuriokhin, Bugaev, and Boris Grebenshchikov, Novikov acts in Sergei Debizhev's film Two Captains II.
Solo show in the Marble Hall of the Museum of Ethnography (St Petersburg).

Timur Novikov. Ethnographical Museum. Saint-Petersburg, 1992. T. Novikov's archive.

Curates the show Secret Cult (featuring Pierre et Gilles) at the Marble Palace (St Petersburg).

Timur Novikov and Pierre et Gilles at the exhibition Secret Cult. Marble Palace. Saint-Petersburg, 1992

Novikov exhibits the neoacademist works he produced in the US at the Center for Fine Arts, Miami, in parallel with a show of pieces from the Faberge workshops. In December, the first solo show of Novikov's neoacademist works opens at Gallery 1.0 (Moscow).