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Solo shows at the Stedelijk Museum; the Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art (Pepperdine University, Malibu); the Kunsthalle (Dusseldorf); and the Griffelkunst Society (Hamburg).
Paul Judelson Arts (New York) exhibits the cycle The Adventures of Oscar Wilde.
Ivan Chechot curates a show of Novikov's works, West-East Divan (Arabian Drawing Room, Nikolaevsky Palace, Navicula Artis Gallery).

Timur Novikov. West-Eastern Divan. Décor of the Arab room.
Nicholas Palace. Navicula Artis Gallery. Saint-Petersburg, 1993. T. Novikov's archive.

Plays Chatsky in Olga Tobreluts's film Woe from Wit.

Timur Novikov, Irena Kuksenaite, and Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe in Olga Tobreluts’ film Woe from Wit. 1993

Opens the Museum of the New Academy of Fine Arts in the squat at Pushkinskaya, 10. The new space would serve both as a classroom for the academy's students as well as an exhibition hall for regular shows of works by the academy's students and professors (Oleg Maslov, Viktor Kuznetsov, Denis Egelsky, Georgy Gurjanov, Bella Matveeva, Olga Tobreluts, Egor Ostrov, Andrei Medvedev). The museum would also host historical shows featuring works by Alexander Ivanov, Raphael, and Fyodor Tolstoy, as well as shows of fashion photography by Richard Avedon, Pierre et Gilles, and Karl Lagerfeld.

Exhibition of drawings by Alexander Samokhvalov at the New Academy. Saint-Petersburg, 1994


Professor D. Yegelsky and his students at the classes in the New Academy. Saint-Petersburg, 1994. T. Novikov's archive.

Organizes the programmatic international exhibition Renaissance and Resistance, at the Marble Palace. The show focuses on neoclassical traditions in nineteenth- and twentieth-century art photography. Curates Gurjanov's solo show at Regina Gallery (Moscow).


1995 Novikov does a residency at the Kunstlerhaus Bethanien (Berlin). His exhibition there, Architecture in the Third Reich, is banned.
Presents The Swan Song of German Romanticism at Aidan Gallery (Moscow). Initiates the show On Beauty (Dan Cameron, curator), at Regina Gallery.


1996 Takes part in Metaphern des Entrucktseins (Badischer Kunstverein/Karlsruher Kunstlerhaus, Karlsruhe). Presents Ludwig II of Bavaria and Pyotr Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake at XL Gallery (Moscow).
A show of works by the New Artists is presented at the City History Museum (Peter-and-Paul Fortress) in connection with the publication of The New Artists: An Anthology.
The Novikov-Bugaev collection is shown at the Russian Museum, in December, as part of the show The Department of Contemporary Art: The First Five Years.


Novikov becomes seriously ill during a trip to New York to open his solo show at the World Financial Center. Despite going blind as a result of his illness, he continues to direct the New Academy.

The writing of the "Manifesto of Neoacademism." Ksenia Novikova, Timur Novikov, Julia Straussowa, Andrei Khlobystin.
Necropolis of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery, Saint-Petersburg, 1997. Photo by I. Roman.

Works by Novikov, Gurjanov, Ostrov, Maslov, and Kuznetsov are featured in the Kabinet show at the Stedelijk Museum.
Novikov organizes a festival of neoacademism at the Pavlovsk Palace. Brian Eno composes the neoclassical work Tintoretto for the festival.

Poem reading is accompanied by harp. The Holiday of Neoacademism in "Ptichkik" Pavilion of the Pavlovsk Museum-preserve. 1997

The New Academy opens new classrooms in the Mikhailovsky Castle (Russian Museum).

Timur Novikov in the New Academy's classroom/exhibition space at the Mikhailovsky Castle. Photo by A. Medvedev. 

With Arkady Nebolsin, Alexander Zaitsev, Julia Straussowa, and Genia Chef, Novikov launches the European Society for the Preservation of Classical Aesthetics.
Lectures on contemporary art at St Petersburg State University and other scholarly institutions.